Maimonides' affiliation to the ORT network!

01 mei 2019

JSG Maimonides became affiliated to the ORT network in May 2019. ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values that reaches 300,000 people a year, in more than 30 countries. Affiliating to the ORT network gives our school access to programs that connect us to Jewish schools all over the world. Students and educators now have new opportunities to participate in ORT’s professional development programs, teacher training and specialist student summer schools. Global exchanges and collaborations are facilitated through online programs, international contests and awards programs. Affiliation connects us to a support system working together to develop international best practices related to pedagogical and institutional advancement. Joining ORT demonstrates a commitment to deliver a broad-based education with a focus on excellence in STEM, aimed at preparing our students to be successful and socially responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to their Jewish communities and to wider society.

Please read the article that has been published on the ORT website about the exciting curriculum of Maimonides! 


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